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Business Customers

Carpet and Hardfloor Cleaning

  • Wantsum Cleaning offers carpet cleaning to a very high standard. No job to large or to small
  • Large open plan areas can be quoted on a square  metre basis eg foyers, break out areas, shops,  etc
  • Smaller areas can be quoted on a room per room basis eg guest houses.
  • Hours to fit in with your in with you and your business
  • Emergency call out available
  • One off jobs or regular intervals welcome

Complete cleaning service

Because of our wide range of experience Wantsum cleaning are happy to quote for additional cleaning  work in conjunction with its carpet cleaning in order to provide a one stop cleaning solution for business customers including:

  • General cleaning
  • Kitchen deep cleans
  • Bathroom de-scaling
  • Routine contract cleaning

Please contact us for more details.

"Quality is at the heart of our business"