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Welcome to the website of Wantsum Cleaning. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality carpet and upholstery cleaning service  to customers within the East Kent area. We service both domestic and commercial customers including:

  • Private houses, flats and bungalows
  • Hotels and Guest Houses
  • Letting Agents
  • Offices and Waiting Rooms
  • Pubs and Restaurants

Complete cleaning packages can also  be offered in conjunction with our carpet and upholstery service.

5 Important benefits of professional carpet and upholstery cleaning:

  • Your carpets and sofa continue to look their best for many years to come
  • They will stay in good conditon for many years longer. Many carpet guarantees request annual cleaning for the guarantee to remain valid
  • They smell wonderfully clean and fresh
  • Your home is healthier and more hygenic (imagine a hard floor if only ever vaccum cleaned)
  • Only cleaning can remove the everyday dirt that build up in our homes unavoidably

 "Quality is at the heart of our business"